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Hey Ryan Podcast
Hey Ryan Podcast

Ryan Allen 


About the Show

Hey Ryan Podcast launched in June 2021 and is a Lifestyle show committed to helping people who struggle with anxiety, especially men, and work towards changing men's thinking around mental health.  Men over the years have grown to view the idea of sharing emotions as a feminine trait, rather than a human form of expression, which may seem archaic but in the modern world continues to play an important role in keeping men silent.

The UK charity, Samaritans, regularly shares reports on suicides across all demographics and genders and has found that two-thirds of suicides in the UK are men. The Hey Ryan Podcast aims to build trust with the audience to feel connected, listened to, seen, and heard so that listeners can finally start the journey to a better future with the right professional help, and understand, it's OK, not to be ok. 



Who are your guests?

We invite international guests from NFL pro athletes, finance experts to authors who join the host, Ryan Allen, to have a down-to-earth chat about mind, body, living and nutrition. Our show believes in excellence and our production team all work together to make the show the best for our growing listeners and subscribers.


When do you release episodes?


Hey Ryan Podcast releases new content every Thursday at 7 pm GMT across all the well-known directories from Spotify to Apple Podcasts. We believe in promoting equality, diversity and inclusivity. 

Mental Health as a term has deterred many men for years from engaging in help or support through fear, which we plan to tackle through carefully curated content to change men's views of mental health to a new one, we plan to call, Mind Health because everyone's mind matters.

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