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Hey Ryan Podcast Guests

Show Guests

Welcome to our international guest list of professionals from the NFL, Strength trainers to authors and so much more.  

The current list is our first selection of podcast guests with episode 1 to be released at the end of July and further episodes thereafter. We will continue to update this list every week or month, and listen out for who will be with Ryan for the first of many Hey Ryan Podcasts.

Sean L James (USA)
Sal Kassam (UK)
Dr Rufus May (UK)
Colby Sharma (Toronto)
Vincent Andriano (Sydney)
Hannah Young  
Mark Beynon (UK)
Dr Rakish Rana (UK)
Fiona Freund (UK)
Gary Lewis (UK)
Gavin McCormack (Sydney)
Kenny Mammarella-D'Cruz 
Ryan Sterling (USA)
Dr Lulu (USA)
Ally Salama (UAE/Toronto)
Gary Evans (UK)
Wayne Reid (UK)
Fernando Desouches (UK)
Seb Hill (UK)
Yaron Engler (UK)
Hec Salgado (UK)
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Sean James, NFL Pro Athlete


NFL Former Pro Football Player, Businessman & Philanthropist

Sean James is a former two-sport college athlete and a professional football player for Minnesota Vikings who has developed a successful career in business and finance – managing accounts totalling over 150 million dollars, and in philanthropy.


After ending his athletic career over 25 years ago, he has made a point of exploring multiple professional arenas. Sean has coupled the lessons he has taken as an athlete along with those he has gained as a businessman, with an MBA from George Washington University in order to solidify a successful career in wealth management and an important role in the world of philanthropy. 

Pictured with Andy Cohen, Bravo's Late Night Talk Show Host

Hec Salgado, Fitness Coach for Over 40s


Founder and Head Coach of Fitness TMB

Hec Salgado is a Personal Trainer and Marathon Runner who coaches both men and women over 40 to transform their physical fitness and live a more fulfilling life from the inside out.

Hec is a passionate fitness expert, who at 54 continues to motivate people to be the best version of themselves. He has been running for 15 years as a professional and has lifted weights for over 30 years.  

Hec believes that everyone regardless of age can be stronger and fitter than ever before, with the right advice and mind management. 

'Age is just a number.'

Hec Salgado, Fitness TMB
Fernando Desouches, NewMacho


Managing Director of New Macho

at BBD Perfect Storm London Agency

Fernando, originally from Argentina has worked in the advertising industry for over two decades, with an acute understanding and insight into cultural shifts around men and masculinity. 


He was the Global Brand Director working with Unilever, leading the Global Brand Communications

 targeting men with brands such as Dove Men+Care, Axe and Lynx.

Today, Fernando is the Managing Director of London Ad Agency, BBD Perfect Storm based in Shoreditch leading its strategic division New Macho that tackles the messaging around men's masculinity and looking at ways to relax and redefine masculinity in the modern world, that offers storytelling and messaging that supports a positive male self-image and men's mental health.



Dove Ad.jpg
Colby Sharma


Author of Curve Ball

Colby Sharma is a law graduate and self-help author from Toronto. His first book is called The Curveball - A Story of Grit, Adversity, and Winning the Game of Life. His passion for writing and being a creator comes from his love of books and ideas. Colby's main message is helping people - especially kids thrive in uncertain times.

Part of Colby's story is that he overcame a learning disability to graduate with honours from Law School. Colby self-published The Curveball which is getting some great reviews. The book has also been picked up by a major international publisher.

Colby's mission is to focus on spreading the important lessons from the book as far as possible.

Colby Sharma's Book 'The Curveball.png
Ryan Sterling


Founder of Future You Wealth 

Ryan Sterling founded Future You Wealth in 2019 with the goal of ensuring all of our members and families achieve their own version of financial peace and independence by bringing mindfulness and intention to the wealth management process.

He has been featured in media outlets such as Business Insider, CNN Money, Huff Post, and is a TEDx Speaker. he is also the author of the bestselling wealth management book, 'You're Making Other People Rich.' Before starting Future You Wealth, he worked at some of the world's leading financial institutions such as Goldman Sachs, AllianceBernstein and Capital Group.

Ryan Sterling book
Seb Hill, NewMacho


Executive Creative Director of

DDB Perfect Storm London Agency

Seb is an Award-winning Creative Director who has worked across many high street brands overseeing each project with meticulous attention to detail.

He has achieved awards for his work on numerous campaigns including One Show, ISP Grand Prix and Best Awards Gold. Seb is very clear about what design is and quality ideas are the ultimate King. 


And that ideas should engage their audience

no matter what the channel.


Quote 'Ideas that get and hold their attention. Ideas that resonate and people want to share. Time and attention are precious, creatives shouldn't be. Well, that's what I think anyway!'

BBD Perfect Storm
Sal Kassam  Red Pill Fitness


Strength Coach & Founder of Red Pill Fit

After university, Sal's dream was to be an Officer in the Royal Marine Commandos. He passed through numerous stages of their rigorous interview process, he narrowly missed the cut at the very last hurdle. He decided it was time to change his approach and went to work in The City.

But for Sal, working as a Consultant didn't fill him with enthusiasm! So while working his job, he redirects the disappointment from the Marines training to be a Paratrooper. He went on to be awarded the coveted maroon beret and the prize for the top recruit on the program.

The physicality of a paratrooper appealed far more than long hours over his desk, so he combined his skills and qualified as a fitness coach, quit his job and co-founded SALECCA in 2009, which became Red Pill Fitness (RPF) in 2020.



Sal Kassam
Hannah Young



Founder of Hexis21

Hannah is a teacher of History and Politics for almost 20 years and a Fellow of the College of Chartered Teachers (FCCT). She is also a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts (FRSA). The RSA is a global community of active problem-solvers motivated by a shared set of values (open, optimistic, pioneering, rigorous and enabling).

Hannah aims to help teachers find ways to develop curiosity, creativity and courage to inspire innovative ways of thinking and doing among young people. She creates free teaching and learning resources to help develop 21st-century skills and is the founder of Hexis21 that takes a deeper dive into these skills with helpful free resource material.

Central to Hannah's outlook on life within education is well-being for schools and pupils alike which are the foundations of her entire work.

Vincent Andriano


TV, Film & Theatre Actor

Vincent Andriano has trained as an actor at Howard Fine Acting Studio, Australia, and the National Institute of Dramatic Arts (NIDA). Vincent graduated from Macquarie University with a Bachelor of Media in Screen Production and English Literature and Post-Grad Directing at Australian Film, Television, and Radio School (AFTRS).


His Feature Film credits include Manny Lewis (2015), Terminus (2016) Rough Stuff (2016) SFv1 (2016).

Vincent's career is climbing high and believes in managing one's mental health and having a therapist, for which he is an advocate and sees the importance as a man and entertainer. 


Vincent Andriano
Dr Rakish Rana

Dr Rakish

Founder of The Clear Coach 

Dr Rakish Rana - The Clear Coach - is an experienced life coach and an official member of the Forbes Coaches Council. Having attained a PhD in toxicology from the University of Leicester, Rakish has gone onto have a 20+ year background in IT operations & service delivery (ITIL Expert), project management and team management. The pivot to coaching was formalised after obtaining his Practitioners Diploma in Executive Coaching from the Academy of Executive Coaching.

Rakish is a member of the International Coaching Federation. He focuses on challenging, encouraging and supporting high-achieving individuals to help them overcome their fears and gain confidence to have huge success in life. Rakish coaches, them to build their emotional intelligence and take more joy out of life.

Dr Rakish Rana
Gary Lewis Copywriter


Founder of Gary Does Copy & 

Senior Copywriter at Publicis Sapient, UK

Gary Lewis is a seasoned copywriter with a wealth of experience writing and crafting word copy for a range of media from web copy, UX copy to B2B/Tech sales guides and scripts for explainer videos.

Gary is the founder of Gary Does Copy. He is also a mental health advocate who currently plans to start new initiatives to create a space for employees to open up and feel comfortable talking about anxiety in the work place. 

Gary Does Copy
Dr Rufus May


Clinical Psychologist at Bolton NHS Hospital

Dr Rufus May works as a clinical psychologist in the NHS in Bolton and has practised since 1998. He is passionate about holistic approaches to mental health. His interests include using the body, peer support, mindfulness, drama work, and martial arts in therapeutic ways. He and his partner provide resources at


His interest is rooted in his own experiences of being hospitalised at the age of 18 and being diagnosed with schizophrenia and told he would always need to take psychiatric drugs. After a year he stopped taking the medication of the prescribed drug and has not used mental health services since.


His work was featured in a Channel 4 documentary "The Doctor Who hears voices" about his efforts to support a junior doctor who was hearing voices and did not feel able to tell her employers this. He has always been interested in men's mental health and based his research thesis on this. He is interested in creative ways we can work with men that might make seeking support easier. 

Dr Rufus May
Mark Beynon


Financial Advisor & Mortgage Broker

Mark Beynon is a financial broker with over 15 years in the financial industry providing a holistic approach for his private clients where he advises them in various portfolios from pensions, investments, to mortgages and protection.

Mark is a mental health advocate and local councillor for Kingston upon Thames. He is part of a local mental health movement - Time To Change Kingston aiming to change the way people think and act about mental health with a focus to help remove stigma and discrimination.

Mark Beynon
Dr Lulu, LGBTQ+ Parent Coach


Former GP turned Senior Commander of the US Air Force and LGBTQ+ Parent Coach

Dr Lulu is a former GP Doctor for over 20 years quit her role and became a senior Commander of the US Air Force and subsequently became an LGBTQ+ Parent Coach.

Dr Lulu is Nigerian and lives in the United States. She is the birth mother of three young men, one of whom is at Stanford University. She is the mother of a Non-Binary Young Adult who came out at a young age and pioneered the Gay-Straight Alliance in the School they studied.

Dr Lulu is a podcast host of her own show that's dedicated to people who have considered suicide and is a force for good as an LGBTQ+ Parent Coach and brings a sense of hope for many parents through her online sessions.  

Dr Lulu, LGBTQ+ Parent Coach
Ally Salama


Founder of EMPOWER Magazine &

Middle East's Mental Health Ambassador

Ally Salama is a Social Entrepreneur, Speaker, Podcaster, Ex-Pro Athlete, and The Middle East’s Mental Health Ambassador. He founded, the first Mental Health Magazine in the Middle East, winning Harvard's Top 7 Most Impactful Social Initiatives in 2019 & earning recognition from the World Health Organization.


He hosts Apple’s #1 Charting Youth Leadership Podcast “Empathy Always Wins” - the world's exclusive leadership and mental health podcast focusing on empathy. Currently living in between Toronto & Dubai, Ally is building his startup: the Arabic & English digital peer support network tackling marginalized youth mental health crisis, EMPWR.

Ally Salama
Fiona Freund Photography & Guest on Hey Ryan Podcast


Founder of Mother Works, Corporate Queer

Exhibitions and Industry Photographer for Vogue to ES Magazine

Fiona has had an amazing career, for over 20 years, shooting the great the good and the glittery all around the world for Vogue, The Weekend Guardian and Observer magazines and many more. My #CorporateQueer and #MotherWorks photography exhibitions are my chance to use my skills to make a difference. To celebrate diversity, in the workplace, and take art into the world of work.


I want the exhibitions to entertain, inspire and initiate change. My photography clients include; Arts Council England, Cancer Research, Elle, EMI, ES Magazine, Harpers’ Bazar, ITV, Marie Claire, Marie Curie, Nivea, Plan International, The Telegraph magazines, Vogue and many more.

Fiona Freund Photography and Guest on Hey Ryan Podcast
Gavin McCormack


The Principal at Farmhouse Montessori School, Australia, TEDx Speaker and Author 

Gavin McCormack has written a series of books for both children and adults on education. He also leads one of the most successful and prestigious schools in Australia as Principal of Montessori School.

Gavin McCormack has run hundreds of miles to raise money to build new schools, teacher training centres and libraries in the Himalayan region of Nepal, which he regularly travels to each year.

He was nominated for Australian Principal Of the year 2020 and recognised as the 10th most influential Educator in the world by LinkedIn. During his engaging talks, he expresses the importance of changing mindsets and by doing so, we can impact the world but it all starts from within. 

Gavin McCormack


Founder of MenSpeak Men's Group 

Kenny Mammmarella - D'Cruz is known as the 'Man Whisperer' - a Men's Mental Health Advocate, Personal Development Consultant, Coach and Guru by individuals and by leading brands from GQ Magazine to Newsweek.


He founded the MenSpeak Men's Groups in London to enable men to have a space they can offload and share their life worries and deepest concerns about anxiety in a safe and non-judgemental place.

Kenny is a Founder, Facilitator, Speaker and Trainer who has been in Self-Development for 25 years and has led previously lucrative businesses including a Music Company, Publishing House, and also co-running a Natural Health Centre in Sydney.  His early life began very differently from leaving a comfortable co-existence with his Catholic Goan family to living as a Refugee.  His world went from rock bottom to rising up - dedicated his life to transforming men from brokenness to celebrating life.

Gary Evans


Co-Founder & Director

The Forest Bathing Institute, UK

Gary Evans co-founded The Forest Bathing Institute and is a peer-reviewed author and researcher on the health benefits of forest bathing to calm the human mind.

Gary is an advocate for forest bathing as a form of supportive therapy for people who have challenges with anxiety.  He pioneered Forest Bathing+ with his wife, Olga. Since its inception, they have led numerous woodland therapy sessions for the public, health care professionals, NHS staff, Defra, Natural England, Forestry England, County councils and world experts in nature therapy.

The Forest Bathing Institute and The University of Derby conducted a study and developed the first pilot Forest Bathing Report to assess the scientific potentials for nature to positively impact anxiety.

Forest Bathing Institute
Yaron Engler


Founder of And Then What?

Yaron is an educator, coach, husband, father and world-class musician. For over 25 years he has led artistic and educational projects across Europe, USA, Asia and Australia, including being a featured speaker at TEDxJaffa. This blend of experience provides a deep and meaningful resource for participants in his evolving suite of programmes.

His depth of experience includes close involvement in John Wineland’s Embodied Men’s Leadership Training programmes in London, New York and Los Angeles and practising a wide range of self-development approaches. He is a Summa Cum Laude graduate of Berklee College of Music and has worked with world-renowned choreographers Hofesh Shechter and

Akram Khan.

Yaron Engler
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