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Image by Daryan Shamkhali
Hey Ryan Podcast

Ryan Allen 


The Story

Ryan Allen was born in Birmingham to West Indian parents and the only sibling to a single-parent mother who tirelessly worked hard to raise her son in a council flat.  Despite the great challenges, Ryan was creative with a natural curiosity for learning which was discovered at an early age during his attendance at Prince Albert Primary, which was also Ozzie Osbourne's school.

Ryan's teachers recognised his innate creativity and nurtured his artistic abilities which led to gaining a place at the Birmingham Institute of Art and Design (BIAD) to study a degree in Visual Communication and Moving Image. Ryan's world moved very quickly and he soon landed his first job at the BBC after graduating from University to start working on daytime TV shows, including BBC Real Rooms and House Call as a TV Production Runner. 

Fast forward, Ryan lives in Surbiton, Kingston upon Thames, South West London and has been a school teacher for over a decade. Throughout Ryan's life, he found the courage to open up about his early childhood, which included racial abuse and bullying at school for over 5 years, which led to trauma that he was able to mask for years until he decided, it was time to open up.

Despite the negative past, Ryan has been able to carve a career and purpose for his life. Ryan was never born into privilege but was raised with a sense of dignity, self-respect and belief in a better world. Ryan is the founder and Creative Director of The Brand Thinker boutique agency, Wellness Advocate and Host of the Hey Ryan Podcast.  A self-help lifestyle podcast committed to helping men break free from depression and anxiety to live life on their terms.

'I am still quite ambitious and one thing I have always dreamt about would be to have my own Late Night TV Show, which is dedicated to the conversation, around entertainment and anxiety with celebrities and regular people sharing their truth and life hacks.' - Ryan

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